Monday, 9 January 2017

How to Fix Your Improper Bite ?

Bite Correction
is the main treatment to attain maximum health, yet it has been rarely considered. Nobody knows about the bite correction problems and if there is a tooth decay and gum disease they are only considered as dental issues. If this issue is left untreated many possibilities will arise to nutrient deficiency.
Bite correction can be Categorized as Overbite, underbite, open bite, Buck teeth correction. 

Overbite: In this case of a problem, the upper front teeth extended too far over the lower front teeth causes the lower front teeth to bite into the mouth roof. The treatments are orthodontics braces, jaw surgery, facelift dentistry.
Underbite: In the case of underbite, the lower front teeth are present front of the upper front teeth. The non-surgical treatment for underbite correction is expanding the upper jaw, reverse-pull face mask, chin caps, and cosmetic options.
Openbite: Proper chewing is prohibited by open bite where the upper and lower front teeth will never overlap. Thumb sucking is considered to be the main cause for an open bite. 
  • Openbite Anterior- it is caused by forward tongue thrust. It requires ongoing retainer wear to prevent the tongue from pushing the teeth open again. 
  • Openbite Posterior- It is caused by strong sideways tongue thrust by preventing the back teeth from touch. Retainers are critical in maintaining this correction. Sometimes open bite correction involves with a surgical closure. There is a surgical procedure to reposition the upper jaw and to close the bite.
Buck Teeth: Projection of an upper tooth on the lower lip. It is a form of dental misalignment which is common among adults and children. It is corrected by using braces (bands, brackets, wires), using Invisalign, a series of plastic removable orthodontic trays called aligners which are used to correct mild or minor projection. Finally, surgery is suggested to push the maxilla behind or pushing mandible front.
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