Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Causes And Treatments For Jaw Deformities

Jaw deformities are a common condition ranging from mild abnormalities to more defects that can be surgically corrected .In some causes the upper or lower jaw or both may grow to much resulting in malocclusion.

Jaw Deformities Treatment in Thrissur

Upper jaw deformities also known as the maxillary deformities are the deformities which mainly affect the maxillary of the patients. The size of the maxilla in the patients is either increased or decreased which also leads to compromising in the appearance of the patients in the long term. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the condition at the right point of time.

There are several causes which are associated with the upper jaw deformity and this includes dental abscess, teeth grinding, anxiety, temporomandibular joint pain, tumour of jaw, sinus infection, road traffic accidents, cleft lip, cleft palate, maxillary hypoplasia, poor dental hygiene as well as dental cysts.

Many patients suffer from the deformities due to genetic factors and therefore the genetic links of the disorders should be checked at the time of the diagnosis of the upper jaw deformity cases in the patients. In this way, proper diagnosis will help a lot in order to get the proper treatment plan made for the patients in the best way.

Lower jaw deformity can be seen in many patients who come to the oral surgeons or dentists to get their appearance corrected. Lower jaw deformities are comparatively more prominent than the upper jaw deformities due to the position of the respective jaws. Therefore, the aesthetic features are handled with much more care in case of the lower jaw deformities which are also known as the mandibular deformities.

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