Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Inner Eye Corner Surgery In Kerala

The inner eye corner is generally covered by a patch of skin which is known as the Mongolian fold. In such case the distance between inner eye corners will be higher in comparison to the normal distance. The procedure is also known as Epicanthoplasty. This surgery is also reshaping these Mongolian folds. Inner eye corner surgery is very famous among the people who need bigger eyes. The surgery should be treated very carefully because inner eye corners are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. 


An ideal candidate for inner eye corner surgery who
  • Has exceedingly small and round eyes
  • Like open or parallel double eyelids
  • Has exceedingly wide intraocular span
  • Has mild esotropia or cross-eye
  • Like extreme enlargement of the eyes
  • Potential complications during surgery
  • Excess correction
  • Scar hypertrophy
  • Exceedingly narrow intraocular span
  • Exposure of caruncle
In Epicanthoplasty procedure, the surgeon analyzes wideness of the inner eye corners to be cut as per the shape of the eyes. An incision will be made at the inner corner of the eyelids to perform the surgery. The surgery will sharpen the edges of the eyes and reshape the horizontal length of the eyes.


Benefits Of Eye-corner Surgery

Distinctly enlarges the eyes and shortens the intraocular span to make the eyes appear concentrated.
  • It adjusts the running direction and angle of the medial canthus
  • It avoids unevenness or bifurcation of medical canthal folds
  • It partially adjusts the appearance of esotropia.

Risks after Eye-corner Surgery

  • Scarring
  • Corneal irritation
  • Results are irreversible and not possible to restore in future
  • Possibility of permanent scars

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